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ICU At Home

Paeonia healthcare provide an ICU at home services in Delhi. The greatest place to recover is at home. Patients who still need critical care services at home but are no longer in the acute stage of their sickness might benefit from home ICU setup. These can also be used by people who have been instructed to get medical care at home by a physician or who are unable to enter a hospital for some medical reasons.

Our experienced critical care doctor can visit patients at home and help in stabilizing or optimizing ongoing treatment of critically ill patients without making the patient and attendants go through the hassle and risk of transportation of patients to the hospital.

In the comfort of your own home, Paeonia Healthcare's gives home ICU setup services offer qualified doctors, specialists, and nurses. To provide the best possible level of Healthcare, our medical processes were developed with the help of recognized specialists and ICU at Home. Here are some benefits of providing critical care to patients while they are still at home.

Paeonia Healthcare has a proven track record of setting up ICU setup at home.

  • Cost-effective setup using cutting-edge contemporary technology
  • Team of skilled specialists with experience treating very ill patients at home. Thorough quality checks are performed on all equipment.
  • Having enough backup equipment in the Paeonia Healthcare
  • Experienced critical care nurses to provide round-the-clock care for the patient
  • For monitoring, having discussion frequently with the doctors at the Paeonia Healthcare.
  • As per Doctor recommended protocols
  • Personalized plans & measurable clinical outcomes
  • Round o’clock monitoring under the supervision of a dedicated medical team and critical care doctors.