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Nursing Services

Nursing services at home a comprehensive range of healthcare services are provided to patients in their homes as part of Paeonia Healthcare's nursing service at home. All diseases and injuries are recovery at-home with nursing care. The fact that we don't charge any extra prices for home nursing services in Delhi. We are expert in nursing Service at Home. In addition to being efficient and practical for patients and their families, our nursing care solutions are also cheaper than those offered by other nursing homes or hospitals.

  • All of our nurses have advanced degrees and are highly skilled.
  • They have extensive training and expertise in caring for ICU patients.
  • They have experience offering services for home nursing care.
  • Our nurses communicate with the physicians frequently, so they are aware of the what, how, and why of giving patients particular medications.
  • Our nurses are not only skilled but also knowledgeable about the most recent instruments and supplies available for nursing and medical treatment.
  • We provide nursing staff for 12/24 hours at home as per patient’s requirement and family preferences.